Whitehorse Springs Water District

Protecting Our Water For the Future

Providing water services to all lots and tracts within the Whitehorse District in accordance with the District’s Facility Plan.


June 11th 2021

Board Meeting:
June 11, 2021 @ 11am 
 email whscrb@comcast.net for details.


Water meters are read monthly, the billing is quarterly, with a minimum charge of $200 per quarter for the first 15,000 gallons of water. Excess gallons over 15,000 gallons each quarter are billed according to rate table below. There is an annual fee of $2,750 per year and is billed in January of each year.  Total minimum cost per year – $3,550.00

Metered Water Rate per quarter.

Basic Water Service Fee per quarter –  $200.00

Quarterly Usage in GallonsRate per 1000 gallons or part thereof
0-15,000 (Included in Basic Water Service Fee per quarter)
15,001-30,000 $6.50
30,001-50,000 $7.50
50,001-80,000 $8.50
80,001-120,000 $10.00
Greater Than 120,000 $25.00

Emergency / Maintenance Contact

For Maintenance, Line Location or Water Leakage:
Roy Saba-Saba Management Inc- 970-274-4570

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